I started learning Wing Chun kung fu in 1976 with Si-Fu Jay Peng, a student of the famous Wong Sheung Leung. In those days there were very few Wing Chun schools in London, so he would take myself and a few other students down to the local Karate schools to practise against other styles and it was there that I first learnt to fight. Another of my favourite former instructors is Mr Nino Bernardo again a student of Wong, whom I spent many years with perfecting my Chi Sau, dummy techniques and knife form. I have had 5 main Wing Chun teachers each specialising in a different aspect of the Wing Chun system including forms, table and blind fold fighting, weapons, including sticky pole and sticky knife, wing chun close body holds, throws, arm breaking, neck breaking, nerve striking and various sticky leg tactics.

I had heard many stories about the internal schools of Chinese martial arts so I thought it my duty to investigate whether these stories were true. I started learning different schools of internal martial arts from 1985. I have had various internal teachers the greatest of these being master Long Ching Gang of Kyoto Japan. I have trained in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Canada and the United States, taking hundreds of both private and public lessons from my teachers.
In 1989 I won 3 gold medals in the British Tai Chi Championship.
I have since settled on a rare and beautiful style of Tai Chi Chuan known as the Snake and Crane style which is completely compatible with Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Personal Philosophy

I am a great believer in the mental and physical benefits of kung fu, which are many, and these are transferable skills - they can be transferred to other areas of your life.

I view Wing Chun as a form of personal Protection , as a Science and as an Art form.

When a student pays me for lessons I believe they deserve something real in return, so when you come to my school you will see all my students working the full range of Wing Chun skills and techniques on each other in a disciplined, skilful, effective but respectful way. You are never too old or unfit to start to practice these skills.

There is an old Chinese saying that says with good Wing Chun the weak can overcome the strong, the small can overcome the mighty and one person can defeat many.

In the dragonhall we teach what we practice and we practice what we teach.

Each new student strengthens the ranks of our school and in return our school strengthens each new student.

So if you want to...

1. Build discipline, confidence, determination and focus
2. Learn how to protect yourself, your family and your property
3. Learn how to fight one or more opponents at the same time
4. Learn how to fight going forwards as well as backwards
5. Be able to instantly generate new lines of attack or defence when needed
6. Be able to absorb your attackers force and use it against him
7. Learn a fighting system that is simple, direct and effective and can still be used in your 50's, 60's and 70's
8. Learn economy of energy, economy of motion, yin yang theories
9. Learn how to take the path of least resistance and use of tension / release cycles
10. Be able to protect yourself and everything that is dear to you
11. And much more then I'm the man for you and the dragonhall is the place for you

But if you want to undervalue yourself, be a bully, be ill disciplined, narrow minded, disrespectful to everyone including yourself and a general nuiscance then I'm not the man for you and the dragonhall definitely isn't the place for you.

Personal Motto

I love to fight but I hate to hurt... the more I can fight and hurt people, BUT don't, the greater my love.

Steven Girrard

Mook Yan Jong


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